GlueGuard Inc.

GlueGuard, Inc. was born from a need and desire to provide the highest quality of products to the North American Industrial Adhesives market.  For decades, the North American market has been forced to work with unsafe solvent based cleaners and ineffective citrus cleaners.

GlueGuard’s multi-year, worldwide search for an extremely effective and safe adhesive cleaner was a success.  We have partnered with Gard Chemicals (a U.K. Company) to be the North American distributor of their incredible line of adhesive cleaners.

"We are beyond excited about this partnership, as it puts us on the leading edge of adhesive cleaner development. We are proud to be bringing these great line of products to the North American market."

Gard Chemicals

Situated in the U.K., Gard Chemicals is a specialist manufacturer of adhesive cleaners and release agents for the hot and cold glues used within the food, drink, packaging and associated industries, and has recently developed a new range of products that removes sticky issues with adhesives.

This new range of industry-approved Gard chemical cleaner is now being supplied to bottling halls, packaging companies, food manufacturers and more, for use on all surfaces both to clean and prevent adhesive from sticking by using safer, more efficient and environmentally-friendly products than previously available.

The R&D team at Gard Chemicals looked at the old problems associated with traditional adhesive cleaners such as flammable solvents, citrus based cleaners, paraffin wax granules, etc. and formulated the new range to meet food industry standards.

Manufactured under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditation’s, applications for this new product range are include:

External adhesive removers for in situ cleaning.Liquid hot melt purges for pre-melt units and hoses.Release agents for preventing hot melt sticking to surfaces to ease cleaning.Release agents for preventing cold adhesives sticking to surfaces to ease cleaning.