PUR 60 is a modern technologically advanced liquid cleaner which was formulated to remove PUR residues from all surfaces including: rollers, glue tanks, components etc. Widely used throughout bookbinding, graphic & print, woodworking and numerous other manufacturing industries.

VOC Free.

Available in 5L (4 per case) jugs.

  • Gard PUR 60 PUR Adhesive Cleaner is:
    Operator Safe
    Environmentally Friendly
    Safe on rubber
    VOC Free / Exempt
  • Roller Cleaning

    Gard PUR 60 will remove PUR residues from all roll coater applications whilst still on the machine and condition rollers for extended life span.

    Component Cleaning

    Gard PUR 60 should be heated to 170C (338F) and allow parts/components to soak in the solution for approximately 15-20 minutes. This will loosen the adhesive enough to easily scrape off.
  • GlueGuard will be launching a product video for this product shortly…stay tuned.
  • GARD PUR 60 Sales Brochure
    GARD PUR 60 MSDS Sheet - English
    GARD PUR 60 MSDS Sheet - French